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I Have been so excited about this post for some time now and finally I can post the first JSP Connect video. “Connect” came about from me deciding I wanted to give something back. In recent months I have had more and more emails from budding photographers asking various questions and advice. Whilst good advice doesn’t come cheap I am also of the¬†opinion that a little kindness costs nothing and I wouldn’t be where I am now without the help and support of others. JSP Connect is that support, and I hope in the months to come I can answer some of the questions you guys are asking.

This first “episode” is about destination wedding photography. After being lucky enough to book a long haul destination wedding to the Bahamas this April. When it was booked I was open enough and the first to admit it was my first one and some what of a daunting experience.¬† The paper work, getting the gear out there, what to take the list goes on. Other people obviously had the same concerns with their own projects as after posting the news on facebook by the power of socal media the questions started to come in. This prompted me to produce this video as there is very little advice on the subject out there.

Now I don’t claim to be an “expert” and this is by no means a definitive 101. But what it is is an honest, no fuss run down on how I have gone about it, what I have decided I need to take to get the job done and also to highlight a few of the mistakes I made along the way! If you have any comments or further questions on the subject of Destination Weddings or indeed any questions on wedding photography in general drop me an email using the link above and If there is enough interest ill do a vid on it. Keep an eye on my blog and bookmark it to see how I get on with my first destination wedding! J

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