Destination Travel Photographer | Bahamas Landscape Photography

I recently traveled to the Bahamas to capture a beautiful wedding and this also meant that I could have a few days traveling the islands and photographing all that I saw so I took the opportunity to shoot some landscapes. Landscape photography was my first love and it was born out of me wanting to get away from the day to day life of my old job. For a good while now I have had photography as a full time profession and it is all to easy to forget why you picked up a camera in the first place! Landscape photography is like no other form in my opinion it lets you be totally at peace with yourself and your surrounding and because it is usually done very early or late there is very few other people around.


Here is the BTS video (Behind the Scenes) of the 6am shoot and also some of the images captured that morning. Please feel free to comment below or like my facebook pageĀ



  • Johnk95
    31st May 2014

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